Del Morino RES 30 - working width 80cm - weight 415kg

hp: 15 - 60
total width: 160 cm
weight: 415 kg
length: 80 cm
height: 180 cm

3-point attachment 1st and 2nd category,
with stabilizer arms
hydraulic gear pump
operated from pdf to 540 rpm.
excavation bucket mod. ex 25 serial
per res 15; ex 30 serial for res 20;
ex 35 serial for res 30
independent hydraulic circuit
with pump and oil tank
oil tank capacity 15 liters
7 hydraulic cylinders, bushings
Self lubricating
tempered pins with
internal lubrication
hydraulic locking for
standard lateral displacement
for res 30 and option for res
15 and 20
seat raised position and
Del Morino

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