Potato diggers

Potato diggers

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Potato digger or onions, with side discharge and rear discharge

Potato diggers or single-ribbon onions.
For tractors from 25 Hp upwards.

Dimensions: Length 235 cm - Width 110 cm - height 124 cm; weight 250 kg

Able to work on 6% slope terrain.
Suitable for soils of medium humidity, with weeds and stones.

Adjustable working depth on the wheels

Potatoes are dug and pulled out of the front blades, sent to the tape that will sift them, then the earth is crumbled and dropped as the potatoes are transferred to the back of the machine.

Item of our production (no Chinese)

Potato diggers Faza mod. SP 50

Side discharge potato diggers brand Faza sp50 model, for tractors of 15/35 Hp, width 60/24, groove depth 15/35, weight 250Kg.

Vibrating potato digger with rear exhaust

Universal three-point attachment For all tractors. The vibrating plomer conveys the potatoes separating them from the ground. From the third point of the tractor you can adjust the working depth. Suitable for both flat and slightly sloping terrain. Weight 135 kg Working depth 20 cm HP 10